Meet the Mystery Woman Who Mastered IBM’s 5,400-Character Chinese Typewriter

“Lois Lew operated the improbable, ill-fated machine with aplomb in presentations from Manhattan to Shanghai. 70-plus years later, she’s telling her story.”

Source: Fast Company
Published: May 17, 2021
Length: 14 minutes (3,643 words)

Marie Kondo cleaned house. Now she wants to fix your whole life

“For several years, it seemed like she was following the playbook of other celebrity entrepreneurs. But now she has clearly decided to throw that strategy out the window. Apparently, it no longer sparked joy. Perhaps it never did.”

Source: Fast Company
Published: Apr 27, 2020
Length: 13 minutes (3,410 words)

The Rise and Fall of Delia’s, The Catalog That Ruled America

When malls still ruled retail, a fashion brand for young women defied pre-internet era practice: It had no brick and mortar stores, only a catalog. It became the hottest thing around, selling a lifestyle as much as products, and its business model foretold the future. So why did it fail?

Source: Fast Company
Published: Dec 11, 2019
Length: 9 minutes (2,369 words)

The 2-Year-Old Instagram Influencers Who Make More Than You

Kid stars on Instagram are a growing part of the influencer marketing industry, working increasingly with clothing and toy brands.

Source: Fast Company
Published: Dec 17, 2018
Length: 11 minutes (2,973 words)

How Reese Witherspoon is Flipping the Script on Hollywood

A profile of actor, director, producer, and literary taste-maker Reese Witherspoon, with a focus on her influential media company, Hello Sunshine, through which she’s creating roles and jobs for women, and changing the way movies and shows are made.

Source: Fast Company
Published: May 30, 2018
Length: 15 minutes (3,788 words)

The War To Sell You A Mattress Is An Internet Nightmare

A Fast Company writer, while searching for a new mattress, stumbles into the mysterious and lucrative world of mattress review websites. One review site began raking in millions of dollars from referral links to mattress companies, sparking a nasty legal battle over the legitimacy of its mattress reviews.

Author: David Zax
Source: Fast Company
Published: Oct 16, 2017
Length: 23 minutes (5,766 words)

In Six Seconds, Giphy Could Make Billions

GIFs have long served as signals of cultural fluency. Now they’re poised to become a big business.

Source: Fast Company
Published: Oct 3, 2017
Length: 16 minutes (4,182 words)

The Demise of Tilt

A brash, charismatic CEO. Big funding rounds. The inevitable beer-pong-on-the-office-roof-deck. How could the “Facebook of money” fail?

Source: Fast Company
Published: Apr 18, 2017
Length: 19 minutes (4,870 words)

Adam Neumann’s $16 Billion Neo-Utopian Play To Turn WeWork Into WeWorld

Inside the cult of WeWork.

Source: Fast Company
Published: Mar 14, 2016
Length: 19 minutes (4,936 words)

Out Of This World

A primer on the psychological effects of space travel.

Source: Fast Company
Published: Nov 5, 2014
Length: 14 minutes (3,615 words)