Warren Jeffs’ Polygamist Cult Once Controlled This Town. Now It’s Launching a Democracy From Scratch

Disputed propane tanks, magic rocks, Christmas carols, and a former-fundamentalist, female mayor: things are changing in Hildale, Utah, home of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Source: Daily Beast
Published: Jan 19, 2019
Length: 24 minutes (6,235 words)

Why Does Anne Boleyn Obsess Us?

From Hilary Mantel’s bestselling novels to a Showtime series, Anne Boleyn haunts us still. But why?

Putting to rest the rumors of the third nipple (probably just a mole) and the sixth finger (a vestigial fingernail, but that’s what comes of generations of marrying cousins), Bordo’s larger goal is to ask: Why does Anne get to people the way she does? How could this woman have captured the heart of a king to such an extent that he would tear his kingdom apart to have her, alienating the pope and half the leaders in Europe, casting aside his wife and daughter, waiting six long years to marry a nonroyal who wouldn’t bring him any money, prestige, or diplomatic agreements? And what happened to their marriage? How could Henry have actually murdered her?

Source: Daily Beast
Published: Apr 25, 2013
Length: 6 minutes (1,745 words)

‘It Takes a Lot to Rattle Me’

The story of Olympian Hope Solo, the U.S. women’s soccer star whose childhood and difficult relationship with her father—who spent time in jail for kidnapping her and her brother—shaped who she would become:

“Solo’s last childhood memory of her father is from the following year. One day he reappeared in Richland, begging to take Hope and her older brother Marcus to a nearby baseball game. ‘Then we just kept driving, over the mountains, all the way to Seattle,’ she recalls. ‘We got a hotel room with a pool. We felt like we were living the life. Then I remember waking up one morning, and my dad is like, “Baby Hope, your mom just called, and she said you can stay another three days.” And I remember being like, “I didn’t hear the phone ring.” Right then, I knew that something wasn’t right.’

“A day or two later, a SWAT team surrounded Solo in a downtown Seattle bank, ‘put him in the back of a police car, and hauled him off,’ leaving Hope and Marcus ‘alone and scared on the streets of a big city,’ she recalls. Before long, Child Protective Services showed up, and Judy wasn’t far behind. But Hope refused to forgive her mother for alerting the authorities. ‘I remember not talking to her the whole ride home,’ she says. ‘My dad was sitting in jail. I was a confused little girl.'”

Source: Daily Beast
Published: Jul 16, 2012
Length: 16 minutes (4,101 words)

What Happened to the Real Lou?

Polarizing CNN anchor Lou Dobbs is leaving the network. Just how did a respected financial-news guru turn into an immigrant-hating, birther-supporting zealot?

Source: Daily Beast
Published: Aug 1, 2009
Length: 5 minutes (1,441 words)

America Hits the Reset Button

The nation’s economic future is not as dire as it seems, Kurt Andersen argues in Reset. The country has been here before—and will survive again.

Source: Daily Beast
Published: Jul 1, 2009
Length: 6 minutes (1,664 words)

The Health-Care Wimps

Obama may be impervious to the demons of 1994, but his party is still haunted by the failure of Hillarycare.

Source: Daily Beast
Published: Jul 20, 2009
Length: 4 minutes (1,087 words)

How I Found My Voice

In a personal essay, the acclaimed singer recalls the origins of her childhood stutter, the lengths she went to overcome it, and the boy who made it all OK.

Source: Daily Beast
Published: Jun 7, 2009
Length: 12 minutes (3,036 words)

The Coming Bioattack

Microbes have brought down more empires than bombs, and pose a greater terroristic threat. Stephan Talty, author of The Illustrious Dead, describes how the coming germ attack could unfold.

Source: Daily Beast
Published: Jun 5, 2009
Length: 5 minutes (1,426 words)

I Just Had a Baby, I’ll Call You Back

In an excerpt from Womenomics, Katty Kay and Claire Shipman say the career ladder is crumbling and women need to forge new paths that can accommodate personal ambition and family.

Author: Katty Kay
Source: Daily Beast
Published: Jun 2, 2009
Length: 4 minutes (1,013 words)

My Address—and Apology—to Yale

Christopher Buckley wishes Yale graduates every success as they enter that never-ending graduate school called life.

Source: Daily Beast
Published: May 24, 2009
Length: 10 minutes (2,550 words)