How Astrology Took Over The Internet

Astrology has been around since before Jesus Christ, but thanks to platforms like Twitter and Snapchat, it’s taking a new form online.

Source: BuzzFeed
Published: Sep 6, 2017
Length: 15 minutes (3,883 words)

Teaching White Students Showed Me The Difference Between Power and Privilege

In a poignant personal essay, Kiese Laymon examines black intergenerational wealth and class privilege.

Source: BuzzFeed
Published: Aug 28, 2017
Length: 7 minutes (1,915 words)

The Woman Who Steals Every Scene in “Girls Trip”

BuzzFeed profiles comedian and actress Tiffany Haddish on the eve of her star-making turn in Girls Trip, an ensemble film about four lifelong friends reuniting for a weekend of fun in New Orleans.

Source: BuzzFeed
Published: Jul 19, 2017
Length: 7 minutes (1,977 words)

Filling The Gap

“Dental refugees” from America are crossing the border to Mexico for inexpensive dental care. Buzzfeed travels to “Molar City,” Los Algodones, just across the border from Yuma, Arizona: “The dental Shangri-la of the Mexican desert that’s doing what nobody in Washington has done: keeping American mouths healthy and happy at a fraction of the price.”

Source: BuzzFeed
Published: Jun 15, 2017
Length: 12 minutes (3,100 words)

The ISIS Fighters

BuzzFeed reporter Mike Giglio and photographer Warzer Jaff embedded with the elite Iraqi special forces soldiers on the front lines of the battle against ISIS. Their account tells the story of a seven-month attempt to free the Iraqi city of Mosul, with special attention to the “the men they lost along the way.”

Source: BuzzFeed
Published: Jun 3, 2017
Length: 32 minutes (8,200 words)

Why Is The US Trying To Remake The World’s Prisons?

At Buzzfeed, journalist Doug Bock Clark follows a prison director from Niger as he travels to a remote Cañon City, Colorado—the self-proclaimed “Corrections Capital of the World—where the State Department trains prison workers from all over the world to make their corrections facilities more like those in the United States, which incarcerates 25 percent of the world’s prisoners.

Source: BuzzFeed
Published: May 30, 2017
Length: 20 minutes (5,000 words)

Can Cannabis And Christ Coexist? These Devout Southern Christians Think So

The Deep South is the nation’s most religious region and the least open to legalized cannabis for medical or recreational use. To those who say marijuana is a sin, though, devout Christians are using the Bible to argue that it’s God’s “perfect medicine.”

Source: BuzzFeed
Published: May 15, 2017
Length: 11 minutes (2,826 words)

There’s So Much to Learn From the Montana Special Election

There are few independent voters more independent than the Montana voter. The enormous, rural state swings neither wholly Republican or Democrat, which allows for checks and balances to the system: “Montanans don’t like big government,” writes Anne Helen Petersen, who criss-crossed the state in the weeks before the upcoming special election, “but they also have very little tolerance for getting screwed over. One way to prevent that is by preventing any one political party from obtaining too much power.”

Source: BuzzFeed
Published: May 14, 2017
Length: 22 minutes (5,500 words)

How The Whitest Singer Of The ’70s Became An Icon In The Philippines

Karen Tongson — named after the ’70s soft rock music icon Karen Carpenter — immigrated to the United States from the Philippines soon after Karen Carpenter died in 1983, at age 32. As she returns to the country of her birth, Karen examines what fuels the Carpenters’ huge continuing popularity in her home country and how their music has had affected her life.

Source: BuzzFeed
Published: May 9, 2017
Length: 18 minutes (4,606 words)

The Fourteen Who Forgot

After overdosing, some opioid addicts are losing their memory and nobody really knows why. All doctors know is that each patient’s hippocampus — the area of the brain responsible for memory — becomes severely damaged. Are the opioids laced with an unknown toxin that targets the hippocampus? Does reduced respiration caused by opioid overdose damage the hippocampus?

Source: BuzzFeed
Published: Apr 15, 2017
Length: 17 minutes (4,381 words)