“I’m Still Alive but Sh*t Is Getting Wild”: Inside the Siege of the Amarula

In March of 2021, a village in northern Mozambique was attacked by a local ISIS-affiliated group called Al Shabab. Dozens were killed, and 200 people found themselves huddled in a hotel used by imported military contractors and construction workers, trying desperately to arrange rescue as Al Shabab waited outside. Rescue didn’t arrive. What happened next can barely be contained in a single tale.

The choice now was between dying where they were, or driving, unarmed and without air cover, into a raging battlefield. There was no debate: with any prospect of a rescue gone, they were leaving immediately. Nelson Matola said one contractor told him: “It’s better to die trying to escape.”

Author: Alex Perry
Source: Outside
Published: Jun 1, 2022
Length: 80 minutes (20,187 words)
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