Even the Dogs

In an excerpt from her memoir, Long Live the Tribe of Fatherless Girls, T Kira Madden recalls a harrowing adventure with her parents.

Source: Longreads
Published: Mar 4, 2019
Length: 7 minutes (1,940 words)

The Greeter

At age sixteen, the daughter of a wealthy Florida couple with chemical dependencies found herself facing her uncertain future, tangled in a web of trauma, self-harm, sexual objectification, and leaning on her tight relationships with other young women. This essay is part of the author’s forthcoming memoir, Long Live the Tribe of Fatherless Girls.

Published: Feb 23, 2019
Length: 20 minutes (5,238 words)

The Feels of Love

Yes, kids are cruel and adolescence is challenging, but when we equate sexual assault with the standard teasing of adolescence, we normalize rape culture, and that is not normal. Madden’s story of rape and redemption is still too familiar to the many young woman who men routinely victimize. If America is going to progress as a culture, we must talk openly about our sexual traumas, the victimizers who commit these assaults, and remove the victims’ shame. In this essay, Madden does that her for herself, and for us of all, masterfully.

Published: Dec 12, 2016
Length: 24 minutes (6,063 words)