‘Scared Into Silence’: Former Workers Allege Abuse, Safety Issues at B.C. Environmental Organization

In the beginning, working for the Pacific Wild Alliance, a British Columbia-based environmental nonprofit, was a dream for some of its employees. But underneath it all — the gorgeous wildlife photo campaigns, the adventures set in pristine backdrops — was an unsafe and toxic work environment. This investigation digs into the organization, particularly the behavior of one of its co-founders, prominent wildlife photographer Ian McAllister.

Many sources say Pacific Wild had an ability to share beautiful images that inspire people to care about the region. But former workers question the trade off between compelling conservation campaigns and the toxic environment they say they were exposed to.

Madelyn was feeling burnt out and wrestled with difficult questions: was Pacific Wild helping wildlife or were they building a portfolio of beautiful images? Were they raising money for conservation or were they raising money for their own campaigns?

Source: The Narwhal
Published: Jun 20, 2022
Length: 27 minutes (6,925 words)