Trying to Unlock Secrets of Dead Serial Killer

A serial killer is caught, but takes his own life before revealing his list of victims:

“‘Why don’t you give us another name?’ asked Russo, a federal prosecutor.

Keyes was conflicted — he wanted his story out there, but worried about the impact it would have on friends and family (he has a daughter believed to be 10 or 11), says Goeden, the FBI agent. He rebuffed all appeals to bring peace to others.

“‘Think about your loved ones,’ Doll urged. ‘Wouldn’t you want to know if they’re never coming home?’

“He mulled it over and returned another day with his answer.

“‘I’d rather think my loved one was on a beach somewhere,’ he said, ‘other than being horribly murdered.'”

Published: Jan 26, 2013
Length: 11 minutes (2,858 words)