The Last Owls

“As the last ancient forests of British Columbia disappear, species like the northern spotted owl are going extinct. With only one breeding pair left in the Canadian wild, activists say the choice is between profit and preservation.”

Author: Sarah Cox
Source: Beside
Published: Nov 16, 2021
Length: 12 minutes (3,176 words)

Inside the Pacheedaht Nation’s Stand on Fairy Creek Logging Blockades

“The Pacheedaht Nation has close to 300 members. About 120 live in the Pacheedaht community, less than a 15-minute drive from the blockades. And the inconvenient truth for the protesters, however well-intentioned in their inventive and prolonged efforts to save old-growth, however well-versed in the parlance of acknowledging the territories of Indigenous peoples, is that only a few Pacheedaht members have joined them.”

Author: Sarah Cox
Source: The Narwhal
Published: Aug 16, 2021
Length: 30 minutes (7,574 words)