Rocked: An Oral History of the 1989 World Series Earthquake

Former players, broadcasters, fans and city officials look back on the Giants-A’s series and the devastating 6.9 quake that rocked Candlestick Park and the Bay Area:

"McGwire: We thought the whole place was burning up like in 1906.

"George Thurlow, fan, upper deck: The mood of the crowd was jubilant and excited and Wow, that was cool until the first radio announcements began. The first one that I have written down was, ‘The Bay Bridge is down.’

"Dolich: They didn’t say a piece collapsed. It was, ‘The Bay Bridge collapsed.’ You can only think, Oh my god, this is a horror movie coming true.

Source: Grantland
Published: Oct 25, 2013
Length: 47 minutes (11,754 words)