The Real Goldfinger: The London Banker Who Broke the World

Rowland Baring, governor of the Bank of England between 1961 and 1966, found the Bretton Woods system — which controlled the exchange of currency and used gold-backed US dollars as an “impartial” international currency — both unethical and damaging to the City of London. Many agreed. When banker Ian Fraser changed the way the global economy worked, his system allowed for the unprecedented concentration of wealth that we see today, and it created the destructive gap between rich and poor.

Source: The Guardian
Published: Sep 7, 2018
Length: 16 minutes (4,138 words)

How Russia Let Britain Hide Its Dirty Money

Can rich Russian businesspeople, criminals and oligarchs influence British politics by investing their money in English assets? And is it too late to purge this money?

Source: The Guardian
Published: May 25, 2018
Length: 20 minutes (5,086 words)