The Google Engineer who Thinks the Company’s AI Has Come to Life

Has Google’s artificial intelligent chatbot LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications) achieved sentience? While Google says no, engineer Blake Lemoine says yes.

Lemoine said that people have a right to shape technology that might significantly affect their lives. “I think this technology is going to be amazing. I think it’s going to benefit everyone. But maybe other people disagree and maybe us at Google shouldn’t be the ones making all the choices.”

Lemoine is not the only engineer who claims to have seen a ghost in the machine recently. The chorus of technologists who believe AI models may not be far off from achieving consciousness is getting bolder.

Published: Jun 11, 2022
Length: 10 minutes (2,621 words)

Three Years Of Misery Inside Google, The Happiest Company In Tech

“Sexual harassment. Hate speech. Employee walkouts. The Silicon Valley giant is trapped in a war against itself. And there’s no end in sight.”

Source: Wired
Published: Aug 13, 2019
Length: 45 minutes (11,481 words)

Living In The Disneyland Version Of Startup Life

It’s becoming increasingly possible to live where you work. Tiki looks at the rise of “co-living” spaces springing up in cities all over the U.S.

Source: BuzzFeed
Published: Aug 3, 2015
Length: 18 minutes (4,714 words)

The Future of the Orgasm Industry

Nitasha Tiku goes inside the world of OneTaste, a San Francisco company dedicated to the practice of “orgasmic meditation,” or OM:

“I first heard about OneTaste in March, at a breakfast meeting with a venture capitalist who had newly moved to New York from San Francisco. She hadn’t felt compelled to try it herself, but she had a friend who worked at OneTaste, who would OM if she was nervous before a big meeting. They had lingo for the men who’d perfected the craft: ‘Master stroker—that’s what it’s called!’

“Genital stimulation in a professional context seemed transgressive, even for hippie-hedonist San Francisco. Her friend, Joanna Van Vleck—who is now OneTaste’s president—met me in June when she was in New York. ‘We don’t OM, like, right in the office,’ Van Vleck explained. But she said, ‘If we have employee problems, we’re like, let’s OM together. Yeah, if two people have a discrepancy, we say: OM together!'”

Source: Gawker
Published: Oct 18, 2013
Length: 32 minutes (8,147 words)