One Night at Mount Sinai

Lisa Miller exposes Mount Sinai Hospital’s culture of sexism and bullying, which enabled emergency room doctor David Newman to sexually abuse female patients before one of them, Aja Newman (no relation) brought him down.

Source: The Cut
Published: Oct 15, 2019
Length: 27 minutes (6,899 words)

Dressing for a Wound: How My Body and I Reconciled After a Mastectomy

A personal essay in which Lisa Miller writes about coming to terms with her body, her image, and her personal style following a mastectomy and reconstruction.

Source: The Cut
Published: Aug 21, 2019
Length: 9 minutes (2,263 words)

How a Predator Operated in Plain Sight

Lisa Miller makes a compelling argument that the male-dominated sexual revolution of the ’70s and the group-think it engendered led to the silence and tacit acceptance around Jeffrey Epstein’s abuse of girls and young women. “A generation of entrepreneurial and ‘brilliant’ men took the job of defining the ‘erotic’ for everyone else,” she writes, “without consulting or including the interpretations of women, and then purveyed to the masses an eros that degraded women and girls while pitching it as ‘healthy.’”

Source: The Cut
Published: Jul 15, 2019
Length: 9 minutes (2,305 words)

John Hinckley Left the Mental Hospital Seven Months Ago

Can a man who tried to murder a president be rehabilitated?

Published: Mar 21, 2017
Length: 27 minutes (6,839 words)

Can a Gun Victim and a Gun Advocate Change Each Other’s Minds?

Gun advocates and victims of gun violence meet together to participate in a “story exchange” in which they pair up to share personal stories, and then tell their partner’s story in the first person in front of the group. The process, organized by Narrative 4, is supposed to engender “transformative empathy,” to get two people with opposing points of views to understand the other side.

Published: Dec 26, 2016
Length: 25 minutes (6,443 words)

Who Knows Best

The story of 19-year-old woman who had her daughter taken away from her because the state had decided her intellectual disability made her unfit to be a mother.

Published: Jan 25, 2016
Length: 30 minutes (7,564 words)

Slender Man Is Watching

Two 12-year-old girls stabbed their friend for a fictional internet horror creature named Slender Man. Miller goes through court files to try to understand why.

Published: Aug 25, 2015
Length: 23 minutes (5,990 words)

Can Racism Be Stopped in the Third Grade?

A controversial experiment at Fieldston Lower School to open up a discussion about race by sorting students into racial groups has divided a group of liberal parents.

Published: May 19, 2015
Length: 27 minutes (6,849 words)

The Trans-Everything CEO

A profile of futurist, entrepreneur, and philosopher Martine Rothblatt, the highest-paid female executive in America who was born male.

Published: Sep 7, 2014
Length: 28 minutes (7,016 words)

Orders of Grief: Newtown, 11 Months Later

The tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary brought an outpouring of sympathy and money from around the world—and along with it, a new set of complications for the grieving families:

The biggest fund by far was the one set up by 9 p.m. the day of the attack, under the auspices of the United Way of Western Connecticut. By April, it held $11 million, and local psychiatrist Chuck Herrick was named president of the board of the fund, a position that has made him one of the most unpopular men in town. It was Herrick, along with a handful of others, who had to help calculate the disbursements to the parents of murdered children, and who had to defend those calculations when the bereaved accused the United Way of being unfair, insensitive, condescending, elitist, paternalistic and, in a mantra recited by the grieving, of “raising money on the backs of our dead.”

Published: Nov 3, 2013
Length: 26 minutes (6,599 words)