Deep Stories

To understand why the same Middle Americans and white working class who would have voted Democratic in different decades now supported Trump and the Tea Party, a far-thinking sociologist looks beyond sociological studies and travels to Louisiana to speak to people directly. Her book is an astonishing portrait of paradox and what she calls the “deep stories” that involve more feelings than facts.

Source: The Nation
Published: Sep 28, 2016
Length: 12 minutes (3,196 words)

Stop Blaming Wall Street

Much of what liberals blame on financialization is a result of profound changes to both the United States and the global economy that date from as early as 1968—well before the onset of financialization. In fact, the growth of the finance sector was partly a product of these developments. It is true that the speculative disruptions caused by financialization have to be addressed if we don’t want to suffer another crash down the road. But, if policymakers truly want to arrest America’s decline in the world and attend to the various ills that have accompanied it, then they must come to terms with the much broader story of what has happened to American industry and global capitalism in the last four decades. Simply cracking down on Wall Street won’t be enough.

Published: Jul 13, 2011
Length: 14 minutes (3,633 words)

Anti-Statism in America

Why Americans hate to love government.

Published: Nov 11, 2009
Length: 16 minutes (4,244 words)

End State

Is California finished?

Published: Oct 26, 2009
Length: 33 minutes (8,405 words)

Borrower’s Remorse

Why fixing the banks will not revive the economy

Published: Jul 3, 2009
Length: 6 minutes (1,615 words)