Lost at Sea

“A few miles north of San Francisco, off the coast of Sausalito, is Richardson Bay, a saltwater estuary where roughly one hundred people live out of sight from the world. Known as anchor-outs, they make their homes a quarter mile from the shore, on abandoned and unseaworthy vessels, doing their best, with little or no money, to survive.”

Author: Joe Kloc
Published: Apr 11, 2019
Length: 25 minutes (6,326 words)

The Fight to Find John Wilkes Booth’s Diary in a Forgotten Subway Tunnel

The story of an urban explorer in New York city and his decades-long fight to excavate a four-story wall of rocky debris that he believes contains the lost pages of John Wilkes Booth’s diary:

Diamond is a plump, 54-year-old New Yorker with kind, sunken eyes and frazzled hair—what’s left of it. Known in the local papers as “the Tunnel King,” he is an indisputably odd and paradoxical fellow. His acquaintances describe him as “brilliant”—he is an obsessive researcher and prodigious Googler whose living room is filled with piles of books, engineering diagrams and newspaper clippings about the tunnel. But they also say he can be “paranoid” and “hyperbolic” regarding his belief that the city has conspired to keep him out of the tunnel; and that if he gets back inside, he might find the missing pages of Booth’s diary that will prove a cabal of high-ranking, pro-Confederate New York officials plotted to kill Lincoln. When asked about this latter, seemingly preposterous claim, Diamond simply replies, “They used to say the tunnel didn’t exist.”

Author: Joe Kloc
Source: Newsweek
Published: Jun 10, 2014
Length: 20 minutes (5,131 words)