How Hollywood Keeps Out Women

A look at the history of women in Hollywood, and the systemic bias against female directors.

Source: LA Weekly
Published: Apr 29, 2015
Length: 17 minutes (4,250 words)

Interview With a Pregnant Porn Star

What to expect when you are expecting, and also happen to make your living in porn:

Q: It seems like some people might have a hard time with the whole porn-star-becomes-mom thing.

A: Yeah, they kind of don’t mesh well. I remember when I first met porn stars, I was like, “You have kids? How do you do that?” But being around it, I got used to it. I mean, I was shocked when people started having kids just in general. People I went to high school with. You hear about it and you’re like, “Are you old enough for that? Is that OK?”

Obviously there are gong to be things. Like, I’m not going to want her to dig through certain boxes in the garage. But on the other hand, there are so many worse things that I’m going to have to steer her through in life. I don’t know if you saw [our pet] bunny sitting in the window? This bunny is awesome. She’s six years old. Best-case scenario, she’ll live to be nine years old. So I’m gonna have this baby, she’s gonna be attached to this bunny, and right when she’s most attached, this rabbit’s going to keel over on her. I’m gonna have to explain death to a three-year-old.

Source: The Hairpin
Published: Feb 19, 2014
Length: 11 minutes (2,867 words)