Was It Worth It?

Chanel Miller, Lauren O’Connor, Paula Coughlin, Anthony Rapp, E. Jean Carroll, Barbara Bowman, any many more people — mostly women — who went public about sexual abuse talk about what happens next: moments of empowerment or relief, but many more that were exactly the opposite.

Source: The Cut
Published: Sep 30, 2019
Length: 59 minutes (14,798 words)

What Was the Washington Post Afraid Of?

Irin Carmon and Amy Brittain were on the verge of publishing an investigation looking into sexual misconduct allegations against a powerful executive at CBS. But the Washington Post decided not to run the story. Carmon looks back at how an important story was killed.

Published: Apr 1, 2019
Length: 18 minutes (4,735 words)

Turks and Caicos: Caribbean Hangover

The blue water is so clear you can count every reef, so still you can see the odd cloud reflected in it. Lucy and Jeff have agreed to offer a view from the sky of what wary developers wrought on the ground: shuttered private-island resorts and abandoned luxury hotels marring the landscape, suspended in time by financing woes, criminal investigations, or both. This British territory, largely undeveloped in the 20th century, became a playground for celebrities and the ultrarich as its reputation grew along with the easy money and loose credit of the boom years.

Source: Businessweek
Published: Feb 17, 2011
Length: 14 minutes (3,685 words)

Michael Wolff, On His Own (But Not Really)

Source: WWD
Published: Jul 2, 2009
Length: 9 minutes (2,324 words)