The Fugitive Next Door

Tim Brown seemed like a typical Florida retiree—he loved doting on his wife, fishing with friends, and flying his plane. But his life was built on a secret:

For the previous 35 years, Tim Brown had been living a carefully constructed lie. He wasn’t just an aging retiree with a passion for aviation. In fact, he wasn’t Tim Brown at all. His real name was Howard Farley Jr., and law enforcement alleged that he’d been the leader of one of the largest drug-trafficking rings in Nebraska history.

As he was placed under arrest, a wry grin spread across his face. “I had mentally prepared myself for being caught,” he would later say. “When it happened, with men pointing guns at me, the only thing to do was smile.”

Source: The Atavist
Published: May 31, 2022
Length: 40 minutes (10,000 words)

The Murders Down the Hall

“393 Powell Street was a peaceful home until residents started dying in brutal, mysterious ways.”

Published: Oct 12, 2021
Length: 25 minutes (6,400 words)


This is simply an astonishing tale of Ron Porambo, a veteran reporter who rose to fame detailing abuses by the police during the 1967 Newark riot. Though Porambo’s resulting book brought prestige, it didn’t bring the awards he believed it deserved, so he turned to the avenue he thought would help achieve that balance he so craved: crime, specifically robbing drug dealers.

Source: The Atavist
Published: Mar 29, 2018
Length: 59 minutes (14,877 words)