Promised Land: How South Africa’s Black Farmers Were Set Up to Fail

Eve Fairbanks deftly explores the harsh reality of farms being returned to Black people in post-Apartheid South Africa — finding they are set up to fail.

As segregation deepened throughout the 20th century, much of the fertile, rain-washed land had been given to white people, while the barren peaks and hot, dry, malaria-ridden lowlands were given to black tribal leaders.

Source: The Guardian
Published: Jul 5, 2022
Length: 19 minutes (4,902 words)

Will We Ever Grasp the Enormity of the Pandemic?

“As long as we focus on deaths and statistics, the bigger story of Covid-19 will go untold.”

Source: GEN
Published: Mar 11, 2021
Length: 26 minutes (6,564 words)

A Pandemic Is Not a War

Comparing the COVID-19 crisis in terms of war is not only inaccurate. It is offensive and harmful.
Source: HuffPost
Published: Apr 13, 2020
Length: 15 minutes (3,995 words)

Dry, the Beloved Country

Cape Town’s current drought has destroyed farms and the rich’s lush gardens and birthed extreme austerity measures, but could it have long-lasting effects on race relations in this segregated city?

Published: Apr 19, 2018
Length: 27 minutes (6,885 words)

We’ll Be Paying For Mark Halperin’s Sins For Years To Come

Eve Fairbanks, arguably one of the most talented living political writers, spells out exactly how Mark Halperin damaged our political discourse, and political journalism in general — and draws a compelling through-line to the election of Donald Trump.

Source: BuzzFeed
Published: Nov 22, 2017
Length: 6 minutes (1,648 words)

The People’s President

Uruguay’s José Mujica was every liberal’s dream president. But was he too good to be true?

Published: Feb 1, 2015
Length: 23 minutes (5,900 words)