Dress You Up in My Love

A personal essay in which Doree Shafrir reflects on how Halloween changed for her after struggling with infertility.

Source: Longreads
Published: Oct 31, 2018
Length: 12 minutes (3,123 words)

1999 Was The Last Time Everything Was Fine

A personal essay nostalgically looking back at 1999, a buoyant time for the economy and publishing–before the bursting of the dot com bubble, a stock market crash, and the plane crash that killed John F. Kennedy Jr., Carolyn Bessett Kennedy, and her sister.

Source: BuzzFeed
Published: Jan 3, 2017
Length: 11 minutes (2,849 words)

Michael Chabon Is An Underdog On Top Of The World

A sprawling profile of low-key, down-to-earth Pulitzer Prize-winning author Michael Chabon, whose new novel, Moonglow, out next week, is based on his grandfather’s deathbed confessions to him.

Source: BuzzFeed
Published: Nov 15, 2016
Length: 23 minutes (5,910 words)

Head Over Heels

Doree Shafrir goes inside Steve Madden’s well-heeled empire (his eponymous shoes made over $1 billion last year).

Source: BuzzFeed
Published: Feb 9, 2016
Length: 16 minutes (4,113 words)

Longreads Best of 2012: Doree Shafrir

Doree Shafrir is the Executive Editor of BuzzFeed. Her story, “Can You Die from a Nightmare?” was featured on Longreads in September.

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Source: Longreads
Published: Dec 10, 2012
Length: 1 minutes (383 words)

Can You Die From a Nightmare?

People who suffer from parasomnias, or sleeping disorders, often sleepwalk and experience night terrors, putting them in potentially dangerous situations:

“My research tells me that most people who suffer from night terrors describe episodes that sound familiar: They feel suffocated, they are about to die, there is someone in the room with them. That doesn’t, of course, make my individual night terrors any less scary, and it crosses my mind that I could actually scare myself to death.

“The prevailing theory about Tobias Wong’s death was that he hanged himself while experiencing a night terror. I imagine that something in his mind told him that hanging himself was the only way to escape whoever, or whatever, was chasing him, in the same way that I have thought that the only way to save myself was to jump out of a window or smash a pane of glass.

“I realize that I want to talk to Dubitsky, both to find out what it was like for him and also to see how closely my experiences dovetail with his. If unintended suicide is the logical extreme of a sleep disorder, am I in imminent danger?”

Source: BuzzFeed
Published: Sep 5, 2012
Length: 28 minutes (7,118 words)

If She Did It (2007)

No one expected Judith Regan to go quietly. After dropping out of sight for much of this year, on Nov. 13 she filed a lawsuit against News Corp, HarperCollins, and Jane Friedman for defamation, breach of contract, and sex discrimination. Most spectacularly, the lawsuit alleges that Ms. Regan was the victim of a vast conspiracy, set in motion by two unnamed News Corp executives, who were worried that she would expose secrets about her now-indicted former lover Bernard Kerik—the former New York City police commissioner—that would imperil his former boss Rudy Giuliani’s presidential bid. News Corp conspired to not only fire her, according to the lawsuit, but also defame her and discredit her so that any allegations she made would be immediately discounted as the ravings of a crazy person.

Published: Nov 20, 2007
Length: 15 minutes (3,902 words)

Tweet Tweet Boom Boom

[Not single-page] A new generation of tech entrepreneurs in the city is trying to overthrow old media and build a better New York–with the help of their iPhones. Are they dreaming? Definitely. But in a good way.

Published: Apr 18, 2010
Length: 23 minutes (5,853 words)