The Casino That Time Forgot

“In an exclusive excerpt from his forthcoming book, ‘The Vapors,’ David Hill unearths a tale of the grandest casino in what was once the premier gambling destination in America: Hot Springs, Arkansas.”

Author: David Hill
Source: The Ringer
Published: Jun 29, 2020
Length: 21 minutes (5,272 words)

Five Dimes

Online betting made an American expat named Sean Creighton into one of the richest people in Costa Rica, and a savvy business strategy helped him avoid detection from authorities. But after he was kidnapped, no one can say for sure if he was taken for ransom, or if he faked his death in order to keep running his business.

Author: David Hill
Source: Victory Journal
Published: Oct 3, 2019
Length: 20 minutes (5,099 words)

Phil Ivey’s Semi-Bluff

During poker’s boom in the early-aughts, Phil Ivey was the sport’s first genuine superstar, an intimidating manipulator with an utterly brilliant mind who helped catapult poker (and his own bank account) to dizzying heights. “I like it when I lose so much money I can barely breathe,” he once told a table during the filming of NBC’s Poker After Dark. But then Ivey disappeared, hamstrung by the lingering accusation and subsequent lawsuits that he had cheated casinos out of millions playing baccarat, which begs the question—does poker still need Phil Ivey?

Author: David Hill
Source: The Ringer
Published: Jul 13, 2017
Length: 32 minutes (8,071 words)

$50 Under 11.5 Rounds Floyd Mayweather, Jr. VS. Victor Ortiz

I’ve got history with this guy. I’ve been losing money on Floyd Mayweather, Jr. for years. I am a phenomenal sucker who bets against Floyd every chance I get. I’ve never once believed that he will lose a fight, and on that score this upcoming bout with Victor Ortiz is no different. But I always hope he will lose. My reasons why are embarrassing and have nothing to do with boxing, this sport that I consider myself a fan of.

Floyd is a villain, a contemptible person. He changed his nickname from “Pretty Boy Floyd” to “Money Mayweather” and he takes great pride in flaunting his wealth. He burns hundred dollar bills. He belittles his opponents as homosexuals even long after he has beaten them. In the run-up to all of his fights he goes to great lengths to play the bad guy, and that’s truly what it is—playing. He is a promoter and an entertainer and admits as much. But I fall for it anyway. Despite the fact that Money Mayweather is as skilled a tactician in the ring as anyone fighting today I still root for his defeat. A sucker play, sure, but in betting with my heart and not my head, I am at least in good company.

Author: David Hill
Source: McSweeney’s
Published: Oct 31, 2011
Length: 14 minutes (3,543 words)

$100 to Win on Miami Ghost in the 2nd at Saratoga.

Growing up in Hot Springs put horseracing in my blood. My grandparents landed there as carnies following the horserace circuit. My father grew up in the barns of the backstretch working as a groom and a hotwalker. He started taking me to the track as a child, teaching me to read the Daily Racing Form at the age of nine. Many years ago my father came to visit my wife and me in New York and he only wanted to go one place, to see the fabled Saratoga Race Course. We took him for Travers weekend, the highlight of the four-week race meet, and he was bowled over by the town and the track. “Why couldn’t Hot Springs do this,” he wondered. “This place is awesome. This is what Hot Springs should be like.”

Author: David Hill
Source: McSweeney’s
Published: Oct 12, 2011
Length: 8 minutes (2,104 words)

Ron Artest: Citizen

Sitting under the basket I could hear Artest’s persistent shit-talking all night long. He and Sprewell were jawing at each other hard. And Artest was a physical player, his elbows ratcheting back and forth and side to side like a swirling combine. At one point the ref called a ticky tack foul on Spree away from the ball and Artest was taking it out baseline just a few seats down from where I sat. Some drunk fan standing behind him was going at him. “You suck Ron. I’m glad we didn’t draft you. You sucked at St. Johns and you suck now.”

Author: David Hill
Published: May 19, 2011
Length: 8 minutes (2,062 words)