Searching for Susy Thunder

“Susan has an aptitude for the plausibly outlandish: the more far-fetched something sounds, the more detail she’s able to provide. It’s not lost on me, as she tells these stories, that I’m on the phone with a phone phreaker or that I’m attempting to tell the true story of an expert deceiver. When she tells me about a social engineering exploit, she does so methodically, outlining each step of the scheme until its conclusion seems all but inevitable. Like every con artist who has ever worked a mark, she’s thought of all the angles.”

Source: The Verge
Published: Jan 26, 2022
Length: 27 minutes (6,815 words)

This Woman Inspired One of the First Hit Video Games by Mapping the World’s Longest Cave

“Patricia Crowther’s ex-husband coded her cave maps into one of the first hit adventure games in the 1970s, and she had no idea.”

Source: OneZero
Published: Jul 15, 2020
Length: 17 minutes (4,278 words)