The Real Dallas Buyer’s Club

A 1992 profile of Ron Woodroof and the Dallas Buyer’s Club:

There are 500,000 pills crammed into the trunk of the rented Lincoln Continental.
Ron Woodroof, a foul-mouthed outlaw who is as wiry as an ocotillo, is hanging out in the edgy Mexican border town of Nuevo Laredo. He has bought his usual bottle of tequila and carefully placed it on top of the boxes of pills.

Published: Aug 9, 1992
Length: 20 minutes (5,240 words)

The Dallas Morning News vs. JFK

Two years before the president’s assassination, Dallas Morning News publisher Ted Dealey initiated a public showdown with Kennedy during what was supposed to be a friendly luncheon with Texas newspaper publishers. The story is documented in the new book Dallas 1963:

“Dealey can’t stand it. Leaning forward, half out of his seat, he suddenly interrupts Kennedy and speaks forcefully across the elegant dining table:

“‘Isn’t one of the purposes of this meeting to get an expression of grassroots thinking in Texas?’

“Kennedy smiles, perhaps unsure where things are headed, and slowly nods in agreement.

“Dealey abruptly growls: ‘Well … That being the case, I will present the grassroots thinking in Texas as they have been presented to me and as I understand them.’

“The clinking and scraping of silverware against the china comes to a halt. The room is silent, except for the sound of Texas publishers shifting uneasily in their seats.”

Source: Dallas Observer
Published: Oct 12, 2013
Length: 13 minutes (3,424 words)