On Mistaking Whales

“Here whales have been homes. A practical space, shelter and host to meals and births and deaths. Host to the least abstract kinds of love. Familial, romantic, parental. Here whales have made those intimacies, by giving people the capacity to live.”

Source: Granta
Published: Nov 18, 2021
Length: 18 minutes (4,746 words)

On the Uses of History for Staying Alive

“Imagine that the turn of the wind to the north will bring snow: Where will you shelter, in the blizzard? Imagine the drop in the moose’s shoulder indicates she is turning to charge: Are you ready? Imagine that a virus, a thing that is debatably not even alive, can roar out of nothing and bring society to its knees. What will you do?”

Source: The Point
Published: Jul 12, 2020
Length: 11 minutes (2,846 words)