Queen of Darts

Amidst the nearly 6,000 competitors at this year’s Dutch Open, one of the world’s preeminent tournaments for darts, the women’s field is dominated by just two athletes — Deta Hedman of England and Japan’s Mikuru “The Miracle” Suzuki — each with an unusual backstory for a sport that almost entirely exists in dimly lit rooms. Amos Barshad examines the rise of both Hedman and Suzuki, and how each aspires to shoot from 501 points to zero and, in the process, win the 2019 Dutch Open title.

Source: Victory Journal
Published: Aug 21, 2019
Length: 13 minutes (3,418 words)

The Elevator-Phobes of a Vertical City

New York City has more elevators than Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, and Washington combined — and every day, dozens of people acutely afraid of riding them need to find their way up and down the skyline.

Source: Topic
Published: Oct 2, 2018
Length: 10 minutes (2,672 words)

Guantánamo, Forever

After nearly a decade, Gitmo detainee Haroon Gul believed he had a chance at freedom. Then came President Trump.

Published: Feb 28, 2018
Length: 16 minutes (4,100 words)

Sacred Architecture

After a friendly Sufi sect decided to build an enormous religious sanctuary east of San Francisco, locals resisted, and nimbyism and misinformation challenged the basic American tenant of freedom of religion.

Source: Fader
Published: Jul 12, 2017
Length: 25 minutes (6,498 words)

Our Band Should Not Be Your Life

What is it like to be a band still very much at the bottom, playing house shows and sleeping on living room floors? Barshad spends six days on tour with The Quarterbacks to find out.

Source: Fader
Published: Jan 18, 2016
Length: 15 minutes (3,983 words)

Rude Boys

On the 25th anniversary of “Licensed to Ill,” an oral history of the birth of the Beastie Boys. “Then we were like, ‘Oh, shit, we should get a D.J.! Like rap groups. They have a D.J.!’ Nick Cooper knew about this guy Rick Rubin who went to NYU and would throw parties and had turntables. And a bubble machine. We were like, ‘If we had a fucking D.J. and a fucking bubble machine, we’d be fucking killing it.'”

Published: Apr 24, 2011
Length: 18 minutes (4,516 words)