Editors’ Picks


Flimsy Plastic Knives, a Single Microwave, and Empty Popcorn Bags: How 50 Inmates Inside a Michigan Prison Prepared a Feast to Celebrate the Life of George Floyd

“After they returned their cells, each man sat in silence for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. And then they began to eat.”

Motherhood on the Line

Three women seeking asylum navigate motherhood, coronavirus, and climate change at the U.S.-Mexico border.

COVID’s Cassandra:The Swift, Complicated Rise of Eric Feigl-Ding

“The scientist has gained popularity as COVID’s excitable play-by-play announcer. But some experts want to pull his plug.”

The Inside Story of Michigan’s Fake Voter Fraud Scandal

“How a state that was never in doubt became a ‘national embarrassment’ and a symbol of the Republican Party’s fealty to Donald Trump.”

José Andrés Embraces the Chaos

“Thousands of restaurants have closed while millions of Americans go hungry. It took a celebritychef who turned into a gonzo humanitarian to do anything about it.”

The Giving Apps: How Venmo and Cash App Upended a Century-Old Charity Model

“In 2020, Venmoing total strangers in need became a radical act of support — and trust.”

Grizzlies at the Table

“The carcass is a reminder that bears remain a threat even today; accordingly, there are a few things I need to know before I step outside the Wuikinuxv lodge, according to the facility’s manager. “If you smell something, it’s a bear,” Judy says. “If the dogs are going crazy, it’s a bear.””

The Mystery of the Gatwick Drone

“In public, the airport and police stuck firm to the idea that there was definitely a drone incursion. But privately, some have doubts. “We work on evidence, and I haven’t seen any. That’s really all there is to say,” one police officer with knowledge of the case told me.”

The Imposter

“Shaun MacDonald was an ambitious tech innovator whose start-up was going to revolutionize the crypto economy. His wealthy investors had no idea that their charismatic founder was really Boaz Manor, a notorious Canadian white-collar criminal. It was only a matter of time before they discovered the truth.”

Yo-Yo Ma and the Meaning of Life

David Marchese interviews cellist Yo-Yo Ma on music, politics, culture, the pandemic, stereotypes, and the meaning of life.

Orpheus Revolving

“’Oh, the beautiful poem!’ He laughed again. ‘The beautiful, beautiful poem! It’s very easy to appreciate the beauty of art and ‘the profound note’ when things are good. When people are dying around you it’s a lot harder to do.'”

A Legacy of Endless Limbo

“Caught in Australia’s campaign to ‘stop the boats’, 30,000 people reached the shore only to enter a legal limbo. Meet the ‘legacy caseload’ and the system that keeps them in perpetual uncertainty.”

Castles in the Sky

“While renovating a house in San Francisco, a couple discovered a diary, hidden away for more than a century. It held a love story—and a mystery.”

Verdigris: The Color of Oxidation, Statues, and Impermanence

“Verdigris is emblematic of that movement. It’s a blue-green, yes. But more importantly, it’s a quality. It is hard to give it a hex code because it’s not flat. It’s a color made from change.”

Bought the Farm

“Small family farms are disappearing, but not for the reasons people tend to think. As investors rush in, farmers can’t hold on to their land.”

Apocalypse Then and Now

“Indigenous experiences and perspectives challenge the notion that a press corps equipped with notepads and recorders can capture the whole truth.”

‘It’s a national tragedy’: What a devastating Covid-19 outbreak at a California slaughterhouse reveals about the federal government’s failed pandemic response

“In the face of an unprecedented public health crisis, the federal agency responsible for workplace safety has essentially allowed meatpackers to regulate themselves—leading to chaos, confusion, and fear in facilities across the country.”

Torturing Geniuses

“It is telling that ‘genius’ is virtually synonymous with ‘tortured genius.’ It is hard to imagine a story like Beth’s without the alcoholism, drug addiction, intense loneliness and self-destructiveness. The real torture is the one we enact by classifying people as geniuses, to serve our own fantasies of independence. Geniuses are the monsters we make.”

Death and the All-American Boy

“Joe Biden was a lot more careful around the press after this 1974 profile.”

Eat Your Vegetables

“On Deborah Madison and the taint of vegetarianism.”