Editors’ Picks


How Selfie Culture Ruins the Great Outdoors for Everyone Else

“There have literally been screaming matches and fist fights over parking spots,” she says. “It can be like a shopping mall at Christmas.”

Splendid Isolation

Meditations on a surreal cherry-blossom season in Japan.

1,112 and Counting

Larry Kramer’s historic essay, originally published in March 1983, was a clarion call for urgent action on HIV/AIDS.

The Ramshackle Garden of Affection

Two poets exchange letters about language, love, and basketball.

The Remaking of Steve Buscemi

“In a rare interview, Hollywood’s most beloved misfit opens up about anxiety, loss, and the hard work of getting through it all.”

The Imperfect Alibi

“The forgotten suspect, the DNA, and the church murders that haunted a detective.”

Death and Denial in Brazil’s Amazon Capital

“Even if I had stopped it (economy), if I had closed the city for 30 days, no one goes in and no one goes out. At some point I would have had to open and at some point the virus would have gotten here.”

Sick Days

“Instacart promises a safer way to shop, but workers tell a different story.”

The Man in the Iron Lung

“When he was six, Paul Alexander contracted polio and was paralysed for life. Today he is 74, and one of the last people in the world still using an iron lung. But after surviving one deadly outbreak, he did not expect to find himself threatened by another.”

Lloyd’s Mattress

Scott Korb contemplates disgust — his own, yours — at the kind of magical thinking that promises (with fingers crossed) to protect us from all the causes of dying.

‘The Past Six Weeks Have Been Unlike Anything I’ve Known’: a GP on How the Pandemic Has Changed His Work

Coronavirus has changed every aspect of Gavin Francis’ life at his doctor’s practice in Edinburgh, Scotland.

A Window Onto an American Nightmare

“As the homelessness crisis and the coronavirus crisis converge, what can we learn from one city’s struggles?”

I Was Depressed Before All of This. Now What?

Moving to a small New Mexico town pushed one woman to reconcile with her past, but the isolation she craved made her more vulnerable to the effects of shelter in place.

Bad Bunny in Captivity

What is the chic, Puerto Rican pop star doing in quarantine, and what makes him so irrestisable? (Note: This is the first cover story in Rolling Stone history written by a Latina, and photographed by a Latina.)


The story of an iconic, family-owned Brooklyn bookstore, BookCourt, narrated by one author who grew up with it, as a neighbor, an employee, and a published novelist.

The Rise of a Hindu Vigilante in the Age of WhatsApp and Modi

“They pushed him against a closet and told him to strip so they could see whether he was circumcised, a sure sign that he wasn’t Hindu. After that, the group handed the man over to police.”

How White Backlash Controls American Progress

“Backlash dynamics are one of the defining patterns of the country’s history.”

How the Pandemic Turned Brené Brown Into America’s Therapist

“But for heaven’s sake, the best-selling author, unapologetic cusser, and fifth-generation Texan would rather not be called that.”

Since I Met Edward Snowden, I’ve Never Stopped Watching My Back

“After receiving a trove of documents from the whistleblower, I found myself under surveillance and investigation by the U.S. government.”

Stewed Awakening

On Alison Roman, social media, and the conundrum of formerly “exotic” foods finding mainstream success.