“Leaves from the Mental Portfolio of an Eurasian” is a personal essay from 1890 by Sui Sin Far, a writer and reporter whose mother was Chinese and whose father was white:

“With a great effort I raise my eyes from my plate. ‘Mr. K.,’ I say, addressing my employer, ‘the Chinese people may have no souls, no expression on their faces, be altogether beyond the pale of civilization, but whatever they are, I want you to understand that I am—I am a Chinese.’

“There is silence in the room for a few minutes. Then Mr. K. pushes back his plate and standing up beside me, says:

“’I should have not spoken as I did. I know nothing whatever about the Chinese. It was pure prejudice. Forgive me!’

“I admire Mr. K.’s moral courage in apologizing to me; he is a conscientious Christian man, but I do not remain much longer in the little town.”