Former WWF wrestler Diamond Dallas Page is now a fitness guru who is helping other former wrestlers like Jake “The Snake” Roberts with their substance abuse addictions. Page’s home in Smyrna, Ga. has been dubbed by these wrestlers as the “Accountability Crib”:

“Page has a knack for bringing people under his influence. Linda is actually Brittany’s biological mother, but she allowed Page to legally adopt both of her daughters in the mid-’90s, and she and Page have since raised the girls as friends. Linda now works for Page, and eagerly adheres to the dieting (no gluten, no genetically modified foods) and exercise (DDP Yoga) regimens that he has laid out for her. Andrew first met Page at a WrestleCon in New Jersey, where he made it clear that he was looking for work. He has been living with and working for Page ever since, and he claims to have never felt this healthy or this good about himself before. Ted befriended Page in a gym 10 years ago and was featured in an early iteration of Page’s yoga DVD and book. The two have stayed in touch all these years, and Ted credits Page’s workout regimen for his sharp mind and his Jack LaLanne-esque physique. The house is full of these kinds of stories, in fact.

“‘He enjoys helping people, and it’s valid,’ Scott Hall tells me. ‘He gets high off helping people.’”