Mass shootings tied to domestic violence aren’t as uncommon as we may believe them to be:

“A woman being killed by her boyfriend is a horrifying crime, but it’s not unusual. Domestic-violence deaths, especially with a gun, are relatively common occurrences—two-thirds of women killed with a firearm in the United States are killed by an intimate partner, according to federal crime statistics. What splashed this story across national news was the death count—a domestic-violence homicide that became a mass shooting.

“At the same meeting where Sumpter retold the night’s events, a parade of city leaders stepped up to the podium, trying to assure the terrified crowd that the city was safe. Federal Way deputy mayor Jim Ferrell, a longtime King County deputy prosecutor who worked with the late and much beloved King County prosecutor Norm Maleng, spoke. He quoted Maleng as saying that ‘domestic violence tears at the very fabric of our community,’ and said Federal Way would ‘bind the fabric of our community back up.’ Ferrell also said that in 18 years as a prosecutor, he’d “never seen or heard of witnesses” being taken out like this.

“Which was odd, because there have actually been quite a few recent mass shootings on the national news that escalated from domestic-violence situations.”