A mother and son from Virginia are kidnapped by terrorists while visiting the Philippines. The story of their escape:

“Every 15 minutes, all night long, the men would shine a bright light inside, checking on the captives.

“Because the militants wouldn’t use names — they called Kevin ‘the boy’ and Gerfa ‘the woman’ or ‘the infidel’ — and never revealed their own, the captives began assigning names to them. Gerfa chose names of parasites that make people sick. ‘The first one I called Enterobius vermicularis,’ — pinworm.’ Another, Falciparum, or malaria. Another was Entamoebas, which cause things like dysentery.

“But her cousin had trouble pronouncing the Latin, so they switched to simpler names. One man had a beard, so Kevin called him Hagrid. Others became Skunk, Tom and Jerry, Pancake and Band-Aid.”