[Not single-page] A son and his father take a trip together to Burning Man:

I return to the safety of the RV after several hours roving the playa. My father is MIA. I picture him on a gurney, succumbing to a bronchial attack. Maybe lost in a dust storm, pedaling out into the desert’s lethal infinitude. Close to dinnertime, he returns, and in the manner of some nagging spouse, I commence to chew his ass. ‘Where the hell did you go?’

He shoots me a blank and rather guilty look. ‘James and I went to the Naked Tiki Bar,’ he says.

‘You got naked?’

‘I certainly did,’ he says. ‘It was a remarkably friendly place. And I actually found it very liberating to see these enormously fat women being perfectly willing to bare everything. It was fun to see all of that voluptuality. What did you discover?’