A former certified nursing assistant recalls what it was like working in an understaffed nursing home, and what happened when she and her fellow CNAs asked for better working conditions:

“A few days later I was called to Sabrina’s office, where she, another administrator, and my charge nurse played good cop, bad cop.

“‘We are trying to help you. People have thrown you under the bus by naming you. Why do you want to protect them? They don’t deserve it. You don’t have to sacrifice yourself like this. If you tell us their names, you won’t be the only one taking the blame.

“‘If you don’t tell me who the others are, we will fire you.’

‘Are you going to let the others off for ratting you out?’

“‘You know, you and all the other people involved are breaking federal law by doing this. You are exposing the conditions of the private lives of the residents. You are violating HIPA. This is illegal. You can be fired and jailed. You can lose your license.’

“My refusals and denials invoked only fiery glares.”