The popular radio host on the infamous “Francesa Snoozefest” clip, and why he’s so good at his job:

“The turning point in the conversation is the transition to the subject of technology. Francesa suddenly perks up. He’s got opinions about everything, but his opinions on this subject are infused with an unmistakable passion. He can’t wait to tell you about the inherent dangers that exist in this new media age.

“He has already experienced them first-hand – the backlash to the sleeping incident being the most noteworthy recent example. But some of Francesa’s resentment towards technology may also stem from the role that he believes it played in getting his friend, and former colleague, Don Imus fired from the station in April of 2007.

“‘In the old days, I’m not sure the Imus thing would’ve happened,’ he says – a trace of regret in his voice. ‘I think it would’ve been passed over.’”