A man’s only grandson murders another man’s only son. After the tragedy, the two men strike up an unlikely friendship, and work together on a program that teaches nonviolence to young people:

“Felix wore a suit and tie on the day—November 3, 1995—he met Khamisa for the first time. It was a moment Felix had anticipated for months. As he shook Khamisa’s hand in Tony’s attorney’s office, he said, ‘If there’s anything I can do to be a support to you and your family, please call on me.’ He added that Khamisa had been in his daily prayers and meditations.

“It struck Khamisa as fortuitous. He immediately felt close to this man. ‘We both lost a child,’ he told Felix, before detailing the particulars of his newly formed foundation and its goal of preventing children from committing violent crimes. Felix felt a weight start to lift.”