Why the sudden proliferation of “vibrant” communities in the United States? And what does it even mean?

“Is Rockford, Illinois, vibrant? Oh my god yes: according to a local news outlet, the city’s ‘Mayor’s Arts Award nominees make Rockford vibrant.’ The Quad Cities? Check: As their tourism website explains, the four hamlets are ‘a vibrant community of cities sharing the Mississippi River in both Iowa and Illinois.’ Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania? Need you even ask? Pittsburgh is a sort of Athens of the vibrant; a city where dance parties and rock concerts enjoy the vigorous boosting of an outfit called ‘Vibrant Pittsburgh’; a place that draws young people from across the nation to frolic in its ‘numerous hip and vibrant neighborhoods,’ according to a blog maintained by a consortium of Pittsburgh business organizations.

“The vibrations are just as stimulating in the component parts of this exciting new civilization. The people of creative-land use vibrant apps to check their bank accounts, chew on vegetarian ‘vibrancy bars,’ talk to one another on vibrant cellphones, and drive around in cars painted ‘vibrant white.’”