After the show, Buck grabs a six-pack from the tour bus and heads toward his room. Like the other members of the band, he isn’t sure that when it comes to venues, bigger is better. He for one isn’t interested in having R.E.M. become an arena band. “People have been trying to convince me for a long time that we could play bigger places and enjoy it,” says the lanky, fidgety, garrulous Buck. “And tonight proved, if nothing else, that there’s no fucking way I can. If we ever did a stadium tour, I would imagine it would be about the last thing we’d ever do together.” Some long time fans have already accused R.E.M. of selling out, of courting mainstream success. The band doesn’t agree. “If you look at the album charts, the only thing up there on the charts that’s weirder than we are is Prince,” says Buck. “I mean, this record seems to me to be pretty uncommercial.”