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Nelson Mandela conquered apartheid, united his country and inspired the world

Mike Hutchings/Reuters Yanelisa Khandawuli has no doubt about what Nelson Mandela has meant to South Africa. “He is like Jesus,” says Khandawuli. “He went to jail for us, and set…
PUBLISHED: Dec. 12, 2013
LENGTH: 26 minutes (6571 words)

The rise of the far right in Europe

Reuters In August 2010, dozens of far-right politicians from across Europe flew to Tokyo for a week of plotting and scheming. They were invited by Japan’s right-wing Issuikai group, famous for…
PUBLISHED: Nov. 30, 2013
LENGTH: 12 minutes (3159 words)

The Week’s Best Longreads for September 21, 2013

The doomed goal of destroying the President Obama’s signature legislative achievement hasn’t lost any of its power to drive Republicans mad. Here are the plots they’ve tried, and…
PUBLISHED: Sept. 21, 2013

‘That’s as Bad as It Gets’

HUNTINGDON, Tenn. — Hannah heard her mother’s muffled cries for help. They came from the bedroom, a sort of guesthouse that sat behind her grandparents’ home off a narrow winding…
PUBLISHED: July 25, 2013
LENGTH: 26 minutes (6510 words)

The Best Business Longreads for the Week of July 13, 2013

Hedge Funds Are for Suckers Sheelah Kolhatkar, Bloomberg Business Week Hedge funds have been feted for their decades-long ability to make obscene amounts of money beating the market. But the real…
PUBLISHED: July 14, 2013

Meet Beck: The Unlikely Success Story of a Hip-Hop Folk Rocker

Beck performs onstage on April 19th, 1994. Lindsay Brice/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty W
AUTHOR:David Wild
PUBLISHED: April 21, 1994
LENGTH: 3 minutes (926 words)

Gay Community Won Battles on Marriage, But May Be Losing the War on HIV/AIDS

A woman gets an instant HIV/AIDS test in Los Angeles, California. Critics say gay rights groups, once at the forefront of HIV/AIDS treatment and research, are now ignoring the issue. As the Supreme…
PUBLISHED: July 3, 2013
LENGTH: 2 minutes (660 words)

Seriously, What's The Matter With Kansas? | Politics News

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback. David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images For the past
PUBLISHED: June 12, 2013
LENGTH: 5 minutes (1386 words)

Bob Marley's Reggae Legacy: Sects, Drugs and Rock Roll

Bob Marley on the cover of Rolling Stone. Adrian Boot Memory pic
PUBLISHED: Feb. 24, 1994
LENGTH: 4 minutes (1009 words)