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WE WERE SOMEWHERE over the desert when the Ponte Vecchio appeared. Well, it looked like the Ponte Vecchio, the fabled bridge…
Source: Outside
Length: 1 minutes (396 words)
You Blow My Mind. Hey, Mickey!
The audience at a show featuring Disney characters. Something you learn rearing kids
Published: June 8, 2011
Length: 27 minutes (6836 words)
Chris Jones on reporting for detail, the case against outlining and the power of donuts
Esquire feature writer Chris Jones came to the Nieman Foundation in November as part of the Narrative Writing speakers series I started at the foundation last year, and spent a couple of hours…
Published: Dec. 1, 2011
Length: 34 minutes (8615 words)
Top 10 Longreads of 2011
6. What Really Happened Aboard Air France Flight 447Jeff Wise | Popular Mechanics | Dec. 6, 2011 | 17 minutes (4,253 words) A fatal human error, repeated over and over again, as the reader observes…
Length: 1 minutes (371 words)
The End of Wall Street As They Knew It
(Photo: Howard Schatz. An homage to Robert Longo. Model: Michael Scirrotto; Styling by Nikko Kefalas; Grooming by Danielle Cirilli.) On Wall Street, bonus season is a sacred ritual. It is the annual…
Published: Feb. 5, 2012
Length: 3 minutes (866 words)
A Final Victory
Tony Judt in his office at New York University, June 2006 I was married to Tony Judt. I lived with him and our two children as he faced the terror of ALS, more commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s…
Published: March 22, 2012
Length: 14 minutes (3748 words)
The Art of Waiting
by Belle Boggs Published in the March/April 2012 issue of Orion magazine Art: Lorna Stevens IT’S SPRING WHEN I REALIZE that I may never have children, and around that time the thirteen-year…
Length: 16 minutes (4172 words)
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Source: t.co
Kiera Feldman on investigative narrative, trauma reporting, true believers and tricky description
In “Grace in Broken Arrow,” our newest Notable Narrative, Brooklyn-based freelancer Kiera Feldman unfurls an investigative story about child sex abuse and institutional accountability…
Published: June 1, 2012
Length: 36 minutes (9105 words)
Jaimee Rose and love, truth and war
We love a great war story and we love a great love story, and good Lord did Jaimee Rose of the Arizona Republic deliver both with “Question of a Lifetime,” our latest Notable…
Published: June 21, 2012
Length: 1 minutes (417 words)
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