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Chinese Students on Tour in Europe
Author: Evan Osnos
Published: April 18, 2011
Length: 30 minutes (7555 words)
The Suicide Catcher
The bridge rose up and away from the city's northwest quadrant, spanning the great Yangtze river. And yet, from the on-ramp…
Source: www.gq.com
Length: 34 minutes (8650 words)
A Short History of the Campsite
Essay: Martin Hogue Open camp in Adirondacks, ca. 1890. [Courtesy of the Adirondack Museum]One does not impose, but rather expose the site. Robert Smithson [1] There is a satisfying immediacy…
Length: 22 minutes (5733 words)
A Constant Feeling of Crisis
Think the U.S. economy feels shaky? Try doing business in Argentina, where corruption is the norm, regulations are absurd, inflation is rampant, and financial crises are a dime a dozen (11 cents…
Author: Max Chafkin
Source: www.inc.com
Length: 4 minutes (1047 words)
Destroying Detroit (in Order to Save It)
The massive twelve-wheeled demolition truck rumbles down the street and lures the neighbors out to gripe. It's not that the…
Author: Howie Kahn
Source: www.gq.com
Length: 4 minutes (1198 words)
Unlocking the Mystery of Paris' Most Secret Underground Society (combined)
Sean Michaels Part I: Entrances On August 23, 2004, they discovered a cinema 60 feet beneath Paris. The sun was shining on the Trocadro, the Eiffel Tower gleamed across the Seine,…
Source: gizmodo.com
Length: 32 minutes (8208 words)
How to mend a broken heart – Brink Magazine
Weve all been there. The soul-crushing, second-guessing, stomach-twisting depths of despair that can only mean one thing: you just broke up. Our writer travels to Croatias newly opened Museum of…
Source: brinkmag.org
Length: 19 minutes (4903 words)
Of Rajas and Rollers
Author: A. A. Gill
Published: Oct. 27, 2008
Length: 5 minutes (1409 words)
Prospect Magazine
Length: 21 minutes (5410 words)
Unveiling the Capital City of the Future
But I already knew the numbers, more or less, before I ever got to China. The reality behind the numbers was something else. It began to register with me at the Great Wall, at Badaling. I arrived there in August 2004, my first time on the Chinese mainland. It was almost exactly four years—1,458 days, to be exact—before Beijing was scheduled to host the Summer Olympics. This meant very little to me at the time. Experts were proclaiming or warning that the world was at the dawn of a Chinese Century, and China saw the Olympics as a chance to prove the proclamations true, to demonstrate that its capital city had become a great global metropolis. Though I didn’t yet know it, I would be living through that demonstration from the inside. I would become the audience for the display of the New China and a part of the display itself—tied to Beijing by habit and blood, but still a foreign body, for China to tolerate or not.
Author: Tom Scocca
Source: PopMatters
Published: Aug. 26, 2011
Length: 18 minutes (4662 words)
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