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Hunter S. Thompson was just 22-years-old in 1959 when he first began writing The Rum Diary, or what he initially called “the great American rum novel.” He envisioned it as something of a contemporary and rum-soaked version of The Great Gatsby, one of Thompson’s favorite books. Based on the time Thompson spent working for an English language newspaper in San Juan, Puerto Rico, The Rum Diary fictionally chronicles the drunken and debauched life of Paul Kemp, an American journalist sauntering through San Juan with a savage lust for women, blood and booze. Once finished, Thompson spent nearly a decade revising and shopping it to publishers before reverting to other projects. It wasn’t until 1998 that Thompson was finally able to publish The Rum Diary.
Length: 1 minutes (490 words)
When Sienna Miller met Tippi Hedren
Escape from obsession: Sienna Miller and Tippi Hedren found they had much in common when they met. Photograph: Julian Broad for the Observer Last week Sienna Miller was starting to think about her…
Author: Tim Adams
Published: Dec. 16, 2012
Length: 9 minutes (2267 words)
A Day in the Life of a Digital Editor, 2013
The biz ain't what it used to be, but then again, for most people, it never really was. Man, I feel everyone on how scary it is to be in journalism. When I made the transition from a would-be fiction…
Published: March 6, 2013
Length: 16 minutes (4118 words)
Confessions of a Sociopath
I have never killed anyone, but I have certainly wanted to. I may have a disorder, but I am not crazy. In a world filled with gloomy, mediocre nothings populating a go-nowhere rat race, people are…
Length: 13 minutes (3313 words)
Lorrie Moore on the Difficulties of Constructing a Writing Life
-Lorrie Moore, in the Paris Review (2001). Read the full story More interviews in the Longreads Archive Photo: PBS, YouTube
Published: July 14, 2014
Three by Sedaris
Published in the March 2000 issue 1. The Youth in Asia "THAT'S IT," MY MOTHER SAID AFTER HAVING SADIE PUT TO SLEEP. "MY CAT DAYS ARE OVER." In the early sixties, during what my mother referred to as…
Length: 34 minutes (8641 words)
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