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Decline of the Empire

In this Dec. 9, 1974 file photo, author Gore Vidal tosses barbs in all directions as he discusses Hollywood unions, politics, lecturing and publicizing books during an interview in Los Angeles. (AP…
AUTHOR:Gore Vidal
PUBLISHED: May 13, 2013
LENGTH: 9 minutes (2490 words)

Thoreau's Radicalism and the Fight Against the Fossil-Fuel Industry

What would it mean if we were to walk in his footsteps? On a clear and seasonably cold Sunday morning in March, I made my way through the streets of an old neighborhood in Worcester, Massachusetts,…
PUBLISHED: May 7, 2013
LENGTH: 5 minutes (1378 words)

A Professional Victim: On Ira B. Arnstein

Suppose you want to write a brand-new popular tune. A piano has only eighty-eight keys, and the span of the human voice is even narrower. Only a few rhythms and chord progressions reliably please the…
PUBLISHED: April 30, 2013
LENGTH: 4 minutes (1049 words)

Turning Point for Britain's Labour Party

London   Jon Cruddas could have been a contender. In 2007, the MP from Dagenham in East London won the first round of the contest to become deputy leader of the Labour Party. Although he…
PUBLISHED: April 30, 2013
LENGTH: 4 minutes (1001 words)

With Friends Like These: On Pakistan

It’s best not to dwell too much on Pakistan, or at least Ahmed Rashid’s description of it in Pakistan on the Brink, because the conclusions are so grim. Consider the variables: there…
PUBLISHED: April 30, 2013
LENGTH: 4 minutes (1040 words)

A California Town Bleeds from Sequestration's Cuts

Except for the heavily armed guard at the entrance, there is little to suggest that the sprawling Navy airbase outside Lemoore—a town of 25,000 in central California—is anything but an…
PUBLISHED: April 24, 2013
LENGTH: 3 minutes (928 words)

How Wall Street Defanged Dodd-Frank

The mood was triumphant on the morning of July 21, 2010, when Barack Obama, not quite two years into his presidency, strode to a podium inside the Ronald Reagan Building, a few blocks from the White…
PUBLISHED: April 30, 2013
LENGTH: 3 minutes (985 words)

Chim's Eye: On Photography and Politics

[Civilians in an air-raid shelter, Minorca, Spain], December 1938. © David Seymour/Magnum Photos   It's a strange photograph, something like a class portrait from a school under siege. In…
PUBLISHED: April 15, 2013
LENGTH: 8 minutes (2149 words)

Inside America's Dirty Wars

  Anwar al-Awlaki’s youngest brother, Ammar, was nothing like him. While Anwar embraced a radical interpretation of Islam and preached jihad against the United States, Ammar was…
PUBLISHED: April 22, 2013
LENGTH: 3 minutes (811 words)