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Webby Honorees
2011 2010
Wednesday, February 16 SNL in its grim twentieth season through the lens of first (and only) year cast-member Janeane…
Source: longform.org
The Pulitzer Prizes
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Length: 1 minutes (318 words)
What Killed Aiyana Stanley-Jones?
IT WAS JUST AFTER MIDNIGHT on the morning of May 16 and the neighbors say the streetlights were out on Lillibridge Street. It is like that all over Detroit, where whole blocks regularly go dark with…
Source: Mother Jones
Length: 6 minutes (1538 words)
What's the ideal length for an online news article?
May 6, 2011 By Robert Niles No comments |
Source: www.ojr.org
Length: 4 minutes (1059 words)
The Duke in His Domain
Published: Nov. 9, 1957
Length: 55 minutes (13941 words)
My Mother’s Lover
A true story of romance, war, and two families search for the man who bound them. by David Dobbs The Atavist No. 5
Source: atavist.net
Finding Angus: A True Story of Love, War, and Family
This piece is an excerpt from "My Mother's Lover," the story of a World War II love affair and the efforts of two families to learn about the mysterious man who has brought…
Author: David Dobbs
Published: June 9, 2011
Length: 9 minutes (2297 words)
Top 5 Longreads of the Week
"For much of my life, I wanted to be other people; here was the central dilemma, the reason, I believe, for my creative stasis. I was always falling short of peoples expectations: my immigrant…
Revival 2.0
How the Obama White House is making its political comeback. By Richard Wolffe $1.99 for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch In a digital-only sequel to his bestsellingbiographies of President Barack…
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