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Roz Chast: “Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant?”

TRY THE NEW YORKER FOR FREE Roz Chast, a New Yorker cartoonist since 1978, is the author of the graphic memoir “Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant?,” which will be…

After I Came Out As A Transgender Man, I Was Asked If It Felt Like I Had Died

On the oddly spiritual experience of transitioning:

I have made my transition into a ritual. It’s like church to me, every other Sunday. It takes me about half an hour in the little bathroom. I lay everything out like a makeshift altar: bag of syringes, alcohol wipes, pickle Band-Aids, vial of testosterone. I don’t like to be bothered, but sometimes I think about certain people being there. It seems strange to invite anybody. Sometimes my mouth gets dry in the middle and I go for a glass of water. Or I feel lightheaded so I break and chew some multivitamins. Down in Iowa for Christmas, my mother asks me if my shots are “self-administered”; she means am I doing them on my own, but all I can hear is the word “minister” and I remember when, as a toddler on the brink of baptism, I asked my parents if I was going to be “pasteurized.” Like milk, boiled clean. When we say we are moved, it is always some liquid, as Anne Enright writes in “My Milk.”

PUBLISHED: Jan. 20, 2014
LENGTH: 5 minutes (1407 words)

Karma Bum

What It's Like To Be 9 Years Old and Playing Video Games with Allen Ginsberg:

The following night, after Ginsberg’s poetry reading (why would I want to go to that?) a group of students eager for him to impart morsels of omniscience were forced to wait outside my room while we played video games on my Atari 2600—I destroyed Ginsberg at Frogger, but he eviscerated me on Combat. In a lame attempt at armistice he explained something about angles of trajectory and mathematics, but I went supervoid. He said he’d never played Combat before, but nobody is above suspicion.
PUBLISHED: Jan. 4, 2011
LENGTH: 10 minutes (2674 words)

Momma Mia!

Grounded in her human-rights work, Mia Farrow can look back at another triumph—the loving home she created for 14 adopted and biological children. But she must also continue to deal with the…
PUBLISHED: Nov. 1, 2013
LENGTH: 37 minutes (9456 words)

A soldier's wife

ne night her husband thought he was back in Iraq and tried to kick down the door of their home on Garden Gate Lane. He shouted something in Arabic she didn't understand. As a cavalry scout in…
PUBLISHED: Sept. 8, 2013
LENGTH: 27 minutes (6852 words)

Dear Leader Dreams of Sushi

The sushi chef was leaving his apartment when he noticed the stranger outside. He could tell by the man's suit—black and badly made—that he was North Korean. Right away, the chef was…
PUBLISHED: July 4, 2013
LENGTH: 32 minutes (8228 words)

The Body in Room 348

The corpse at the Eleganté Hotel stymied the Beaumont, Texas, police. They could find no motive for the killing of popular oil-and-gas man Greg Fleniken—and no explanation for how he had…
PUBLISHED: May 1, 2013
LENGTH: 32 minutes (8098 words)

Seeing at the Speed of Sound

Lipreading, which makes one sense do the work of another, is a skill daunting to describe. Rachel Kolb, '12, deaf since birth, shares its mysteries. I am sitting in my office during a summer…
LENGTH: 14 minutes (3702 words)

Life Inside the Aaron Swartz Investigation

A reluctant witness's account of a Federal prosecution. If you haven't been following the case, start with the editor's note for context. Quinn Norton's grand jury subpoena (Quinn Norton). Once your…
PUBLISHED: March 3, 2013
LENGTH: 35 minutes (8797 words)