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How a Convicted Murderer Prepares for a Job Interview

Today we’re excited to make another recent Longreads Member Pick free for everyone. It’s a full chapter from Among Murderers: Life After Prisonby Sabine Heinlein.

Heinlein is a Pushcart Prize-winning writer who spent more than two years at the Castle, a prominent halfway house in Harlem, where she met convicts who were preparing for the outside world. (She’ll be speaking about the book this Thursday at the Mid-Manhattan Library.)
PUBLISHED: July 31, 2013
LENGTH: 24 minutes (6132 words)

Our Longreads Member Pick: Among Murderers (Chapter 7), by Sabine Heinlein

This week's Member Pick is a chapter from Among Murderers, a new nonfiction book by Sabine Heinlein, published by University of California Press, examining the lives of criminals as they prepare to re-enter society. Heinlein, who was recently awarded a Pushcart Prize for her Iowa Review essay "A Portrait of the Writer as a Rabbit," explains the origins of this chapter, which focuses on "Job Readiness."
PUBLISHED: June 7, 2013
LENGTH: 24 minutes (6132 words)