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[Fiction] A man travels to find his father:

"Up there, not far from Greenland, north is not quite north. Rob has been reading about it. He’s learned that the Earth’s magnetic pole drifts nine kilometers a year, that it needs to be found every year by the Canadian government because it won’t stay put. Spiderlike, it roams the glacial landscape; it moves because the Earth’s magnetic field is disturbed by particles coming from the sun.

"Rob likes how dense this fact seems, even though it implies a sort of leak in the world. He doesn’t want to think about the leak but he likes that we know it’s there.

"He is a composer, he prefers closed systems, he prefers managing what’s perfect. He has always been this way.

"Rob’s father is dead."
PUBLISHED: Dec. 18, 2012
LENGTH: 10 minutes (2650 words)

People Like Me

(Fiction) "Lanie’s at her brother’s. She wants me to go to anger management."
PUBLISHED: May 1, 2009
LENGTH: 35 minutes (8943 words)