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Love for the Library: A Reading List

"I put the hottest titles on hold. I stumble upon books I never would’ve thought to read. I can check out giant stacks without feeling any guilt. Libraries are amazing. Here are four stories looking at different aspects of the library system."
PUBLISHED: July 27, 2014

Oh, the Humanities! A Reading List Pertaining to the English Major

"Majoring in English was both the joy and bane of my life. I struggled in the face of a Faulkner-heavy Southern Lit course, even though Faulkner remains beloved. I groused through Shakespeare. But I wrote my senior thesis on Michael Chabon. And I transformed my love for editing into a prestigious position on the college newspaper. My Lit Crit class—a notorious gauntlet at my college—introduced me to Derrida’s jeu and the revelation of feminist theory."
PUBLISHED: July 20, 2014

Romance, Relationships and Religion: A Reading List

Emily's picks this weeks includes stories from Jewcy, Cosmopolitan, Buzzfeed, and Religion News Service.
PUBLISHED: July 13, 2014

Reading List: Summertime and the Reading Is Easy

Five stories about summer from The New Yorker, The Rumpus, Flavorwire, The Paris Review, and Autostraddle.
PUBLISHED: July 7, 2014

Yes, All Women Part II: A Reading List of Stories Written By Women

My last Yes, All Women reading list was a hit with the Longreads community, so here’s part two. Enjoy 20 pieces by fantastic women writers.
PUBLISHED: June 29, 2014

Orange is the New Black is Back: A Reading List on the Representation of Prison

Now that we’ve all had a chance to finish watching Orange is the New Black (who am I kidding — we all binge watched it in a day or two, right?), I thought I’d share four pieces that clarify and critique the way prison is represented on the show.
PUBLISHED: June 22, 2014

The Culture of Video Games: A Reading List

This week's picks from Emily includes stories from The Guardian, Kotaku, Leigh Alexander, Polygon, and Kill Screen.
PUBLISHED: June 15, 2014

Food For Thought: A Reading List

This week's picks from Emily includes stories from Lucky Peach, Modern Farmer, Ars Technica, The Billfold, and The Walrus.
PUBLISHED: June 8, 2014

Yes, All Women: A Reading List of Stories Written By Women

This week, I present a long list of essays, articles and interviews written by women. Many are about women, too. Some are lighthearted; others reflect on the events of the past week.
PUBLISHED: June 1, 2014