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Her Husband Had Taken Their Young Daughter To Iran. She Was Determined To Get The Child Back.

A case of international parental kidnapping, and a mother's fight to get her daughter back:

"To make the plan work, Homaune had to take on a new persona in conversations with her ex-husband. She tried to be calm, helpful and understanding, and mailed him just enough cash, medicine and clothes to keep him interested in a more lucrative rendezvous. She stopped haranguing and screaming, even when her husband threatened to send her daughter home in a 'box' or to sell her on the black market, statements he would later admit he made.

"After the most intense calls, Homaune sobbed or threw up. But she refused to stop calling Iran; a key part of the plan involved being in constant contact, wearing him down, taking his demands seriously and convincing him that they were still friends, no matter what."
PUBLISHED: April 4, 2013
LENGTH: 12 minutes (3234 words)