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A Priest's Confession, A Man's Relief

A court orders the release of church files revealing a history of sex abuse by clergy members. The documents back up the allegations of victims, who are finally finding justice:

"In recent years, a key part of clergy abuse cases has involved getting confidential files released. The Catholic Church is a meticulous record-keeper. When a letter accuses a priest of molestation, it's supposed to go into his file. So are reports from therapists — no matter how graphic.

"The documents have repeatedly backed up the allegations of victims whom the church initially tarred as liars. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange made public 10,000 pages. The L.A. archdiocese is expected to release its own trove in the coming weeks."
PUBLISHED: Jan. 15, 2013
LENGTH: 7 minutes (1988 words)

Hostages of Child Prostitution

Maria had nothing of her own besides socks and a blouse, potentially giving a pimp an opening to woo her with niceties. So Quintero pawed through V-necks, corduroys and bags of underwear at an on-site donation center. She packed a bag: hair spray, razors, lavender shampoo-conditioner, "Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul," and a flowered journal because Maria liked to write poems. Quintero tried to shake off her misgivings: With a bag of stuff, was it easier for Maria to run? A week later, in Voy's courtroom, the judge was grim. The night after Maria's hearing, she ran off. Quintero never found out if she took the bag.
PUBLISHED: Oct. 6, 2011
LENGTH: 8 minutes (2124 words)