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Length: 4 minutes (1171 words)
My top 12 longreads of 2011
The wonderful site Longreads is collating people’s picks of the best long features of the year. Some say that the internet is triggering a renaissance for long-form writing and I very much…
Published: Dec. 24, 2011
Length: 4 minutes (1121 words)
Forget 3D, here comes the QD TV - Telegraph Researchers have developed a new form of light-emitting crystals, known as quantum dots, which can be used to produce ultra-thin televisions.The tiny…
Playboy, January 2012On a hay-mown crest, dozens of people are crouching in the dark. The Earth has turned away from the sun, and the sky has flowed down a color chart, from light gray to orange to…
Length: 26 minutes (6642 words)
Swimming On The Hot Side
An elite team of nuclear divers are risking their lives to help save a troubled industry By David Goodwillie Posted 03.02.2012 at 4:19 pm Swimming On The Hot Side Louise Murray/Getty Images I first…
Length: 21 minutes (5315 words)
Restless Genes
In the winter of 1769, the British explorer Captain James Cook, early into his first voyage across the Pacific, received from a Polynesian priest named Tupaia an astonishing gift—a map, the…
Author: David Dobbs
Length: 16 minutes (4125 words)
Fritz Vollrath: 'Who wouldn't want to work with spiders?'
Web of intrigue: zoologist Fritz Vollrath. Photograph: Andy Hall Up on the roof of Professor Fritz Vollrath's lab in the zoology department at Oxford University, there is a makeshift greenhouse in…
Author: Tim Adams
Published: Jan. 12, 2013
Length: 8 minutes (2051 words)
Stories from the stores
February is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans History Month, and this year the focus is on mathematics, science and engineering. Here, David Rooney, curator of the Science Museum’s…
Length: 4 minutes (1007 words)
Dinosaurs on Mars
I’ve never been to Mars, but I’ve been close. From my Salt Lake City home, the journey takes a relatively scant four and a half hours – through the smoggy sprawl of the valley…
Author: Brian Switek
Published: June 18, 2013
Length: 10 minutes (2614 words)
Standard Model Stands Firm
Dr. Harry Cliff, a Physicist working on the LHCb experiment and the first Science Museum Fellow of Modern Science, writes about a recent discovery at CERN. A…
Published: July 19, 2013
Length: 4 minutes (1033 words)
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