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We Are Alive

Nearly half a century ago, when Elvis Presley was filming “Harum Scarum” and “Help!” was on the charts, a moody, father-haunted, yet uncannily charismatic Shore rat named Bruce Springsteen was…
PUBLISHED: July 30, 2012
LENGTH: 3 minutes (980 words)

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Robert Caro and L.B.J. in the Archive

This week, the magazine publishes Robert A. Caro’s account of Lyndon Johnson’s accession to the Presidency after the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The article is taken from the…
PUBLISHED: March 26, 2012
LENGTH: 1 minutes (488 words)

The Way It Was

In 1959, when I was a precocious smarty-pants still in grade school, I wrote a fake letter to Doris Blake, the New York Daily News advice columnist. I pretended to be a teenage girl "in trouble." I…
LENGTH: 8 minutes (2052 words)

Male Guards, Female Inmates And Sexual Abuse In NYS Prisons

Several New York State prisons ranked high in a recent federal survey of inmates reporting staff sexual abuse. A City Limits investigation finds that sexual misconduct in New York's prisons…
LENGTH: 2 minutes (645 words)