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Field Notes: A 2008 Obama Team Then And Now
It was early September 2008. Obama, by then widely regarded as the frontrunner in the general election, was campaigning from atop one of the most sophisticated, fully conceived political…
Published: Dec. 14, 2011
Length: 15 minutes (3931 words)
Christopher Hitchens
Questioning the moral heroism of India’s most revered figure… More » The writings
Length: 1 minutes (293 words)
New York Times Magazine Staff
New York Times Magazine Staff: Our Top Longreads of 2011 These were the results of a poll of all New York Times Magazine staff—edit, art, photo & production. We decided to do two lists:…
Author: longreads
Length: 1 minutes (375 words)
Il medium è il messaggio, ma solo quando gli pare. Un po’ di cose da leggere oggi o nel futuro prossimo e remoto.
Published: Dec. 18, 2011
Streaming Dreams
On a rainy night in late November, Robert Kyncl was in Google’s New York City offices, on Ninth Avenue, whiteboarding the future of TV. Kyncl holds a senior position at YouTube, which Google…
Published: Jan. 16, 2012
Length: 26 minutes (6530 words)
Reading List for 'Behind the Longreads' with New York Magazine
Reading List for ‘Behind the Longreads’ with New York Magazine Reminder: This is next Wednesday! “Behind the Longreads” at Housing Works in NYC with New York magazine’s…
Author: longreads
5 provocative ideas sparked by women in media
As 2012 gets moving, I thought I’d be the very last person to list some of the ideas that have gotten stuck in my mind from over the last year. Last year, I wrote a list of lessons I’d…
Length: 10 minutes (2561 words)
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